Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Friendly Blogaversary Competition... let's do this!

It's the week of my three year blogaversary! Lots has happened since I started here on my little patch of blogosphere with this header.
Usually I spend a lot of time here sharing my latest creations, activities with the kiddos, cutsie parties or yummy baked goods. Well today let's just put all that aside, shall we? Let's take a look back at all of my funny little headers while I tell you a couple of things you may not already know about the person behind this blog... two truths and a lie style!
Do you know how to play? I'll list a ton of things here that are true about me and one of them will be a lie. Let's see how good you are at picking out the lie. Oh goody, this will be fun!
1. I've visited 5 of the 7 continents.
2. I won an eating contest in college.
3. I ate french toast for almost 2 solid months every morning.
4. I've lived in NC my whole life and just visited TN for the first time this summer.
5. My husband and I don't own any pets and we don't want to.
6. I lived in London for a summer.
7. I hate (with a passion) roaches and chemistry!
8. My husband and I have been leading a local Fellowship of Christian Athletes huddle for 8 years.
9. I'm on a co-ed flag football team right now.
10. I was the student body president of my high school.
11. My favorite Halloween costume was when I dressed up as Daisy from the Great Gatsby.
12. I've had a blood transfusion and stitches, but I've never broken a bone.
13. I can't function without my cup of coffee in the morning!
14. I'm convinced I should have been a kindergarten teacher.
15. I have webbed toes and my fingers are webbed more than the average person too!
16. When I was little I couldn't say my name so I called myself "Sayboo."
17. I was a journalism major, but I've actually spelled "of" "uv" once before.
18. My husband is a scratch golfer and my son's first word to read was "golf."
19. My husband proposed to me at his rival college... my college.
20. I've held a koala bear.
Alright, which one do you think is the lie? (And there's only one lie, I promise!)