Friday, September 23, 2011

Hoberman Sphere: A Great Toy for Therapeutic Riding Class Game

Have you seen the Hoberman sphere? It is a geodesic sphere kupola.Hoberman colorful plastic toy light. It expands and contracts between half past nine inches in diameter, while pull or push it in and out. Yellow, blue, purple, green, red and orange colors are bright and cheerful and will boost your driver to reach out to keep the toy.

As a professional association of therapeutic horsemanship (path) International Instructor, formerly North American Riding for the Disabled Persons Association Inc. (NARHA) instructor using the Hoberman sphere is very convenient. It's easy to capture, expand, contract, throw, and helps create a fun reaching and stretching options.

You can also learn and practice color recognition driver who is learning impaired. Young drivers to enjoy the bright colors.

The scissor like action in the area may be small and compact or large and spacious. You can encourage the rider to reach down to the stirrup, the horses 'ears, behind the saddle, near the horses' hip, or you can simply reach out to you.

You can roll the balls, throw balls, and even wear a sphere. Younger riders will enjoy putting the Hoberman sphere around the head and helmet and wear it around the Arena.

You can also use the sphere to teach the rider to breath slowly and deeply. Are you inhale the driver as you expand Hoberman sphere, and exhale as you contract the sphere.

If the driver became anxious it is a good tool to reduce their anxiety as they breathe in and out of the spread of the sphere.

ball can be suspended in the air, a driver can reach the sphere and drag it down and push it up as they run around the Arena.

Hoberman sphere can also be passed from rider to rider with a thirty-inch extension allows a driver to reach for him as another rider passes the sphere with them.

If you can think of other ways in which the field can be used in therapeutic riding arena, please share them. I'd love to hear how you use the Hoberman sphere to therapeutic riding center.

As with all toys to make sure the horse is comfortable with the look, feel and sound Hoberman sphere before using the toy with the rider. Providing the horse is comfortable with the look, feel, and sounds associated with the area will ensure a fun and safe class.