Thursday, September 8, 2011

The 3 Steps to Inventing a Successful Toy or Game

Ok, this article will cover how l l a successful puzzle invented, and how you can read between the lines to get a successful idea is going.

So ... Let's start.

• Step 1 - I came up with the idea of ​​stacking puzzle type, then the puzzles of black and white versions are great, so l think that the color version will be good ideja.Ideja flopped, but l learned that you need to bring in at least 3 good ideas for a toy company to have a real shot at getting something accepted.

So, step one has come up with at least 3 good ideas (design) and find a toy to show off your ideas. You can go to your nearest store puzzle to find the nearest toy that might be interested in your idea. You can also try it on Google or Yellow Pages.

2 Step - I developed another 3 ideas between the three models for doing puzzles L mentioned earlier, the (company L has shown that it is not interested, but said that the overseas company knew about might be) and tried again.

bombed again?

So far, l one may and 3 failures . It is usually at this point that most people will give up, but not me, so l nastavio.Poruka home from step 2 can not give up, no matter how many times you succeed or that your wife or family begins to doubt his sense. Thomas Edison to name a few have been through this process and won. Toys and inventing games are no different, keep trying and success is inevitable.

Step 3 - This'll put before left shows the old puzzle book mainly covers 16 -. 19 th century puzzles

L So he went home with a few ideas and came up with 4 quick sketches to show them. This time it seemed like the same old failure. I showed them the idea of ​​3 L was obtained from their toy and puzzle books They let me look as though L was there last visit, the usual response is not interested.

But ...

4 The idea interests them. At first they said they were not interested because the puzzle of ideas should be done using plastic film, but then I mentioned that you could do this yourself with the same material you use with your on-site equipment to the puzzle.

, and then the lights went on.

They realized that they could produce on the spot, but my first success. It is 7 failure to find this.

So the message to take home from Step 3 is the more research you do, the better chance of early success.

is likely that l would not have had this success if I look at their mystery fiction books, as l have a lot of failures since then. But L also have gotten close to several board games to be accepted without investigation involved.

So find a local toy you can see, keep trying no matter what, try to explore the old toys and games products to get ideas and success is only a matter of time!