Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fabric Love

When I love something I kinda go all out, all my chips are in, nothing held back, all emotions are on the table. So the word "like" isn't very commonly heard coming out of my mouth.

Now you know that when I say I love fabric, I'm REALLY in love (bordering on obsessed) with fabric. If you've been reading this blog for any small length of time it's pretty obvious that my favorite colors are in the blue, green, aqua (is that redundant?) family.

My sweet friend Marty gave me a gift certificate to my favorite fabric store for my birthday and it burned a whole in my pocket until I had the chance to go. I would normally gravitate towards the cool colors, but today I thought I would be a renegade. Maybe it has something to do with turning 30, but here goes, I'm branching out...
Look at all of these beautiful new colors for me!
I mean, yes, that is a red you see there! I'm so crazy.
But don't worry, just to show you that I haven't completely lost my mind I bought this aqua pattern. Maybe these nice birdies want to help be "branch out" (cheesy pun most certainly intended). Birdies, would you like to be friends with the red dots?
Or the green floral? You had better speak up, because the non-renegade Sarah really likes this green floral.
I love blues and greens, did I mention that when I love something I really, really mean it? Oh yeah, I did.