Friday, April 1, 2011

Purported Animated Mega Man Film In The Works

As April Fools' comes to an end, it's best to take this story with a bit of caution. Anthony Jones, talented conceptual artist and college professor to PRC reader LinkFreak, has apparent been tapped to design a teaser poster for an upcoming animated Mega Man film (pictured right).

Specific details about the project are few and far between, but one thing is for sure: it's coming out next April.

Anthony had this to say on his official blog:

"Here is a poster design I did for a team who's working on making an animated version of our beloved Megaman, can't give too many details, but they said it's cool to start the buzz. They will be announcing it soon. I CAN'T WAIT!"

It is unclear if the film is official or a fan production; Anthony didn't specify. However, a glance at Anthony's LinkedIn profile indicates he's worked on a number of projects for several high profile companies in the past. Question is, would a conceptual artist of his caliber contribute to a mere fan-film? Something to ponder on.

LinkFreak speculates the project will be an animated short as opposed to a full-blown feature. Aside from these tidbits, however, that's all the info we've got on this curious project right now.

We'll be keeping an ear out. Thanks for the tip, LinkFreak