Monday, April 18, 2011

A Lesson in (Learning to Love) Sewing

Is it possible to move from nervous anxiety about your sewing machine to a love of that gentle whir in one night? I think so!
I did a little experiment last week with my college roommate Amber and her friend Allison. There are plenty of sewing classes that you can take and come away with an elastic waisted skirt or a tote bag, but still have a fear of your machine. Sure you've mastered one small project, but you're still not sure what to do if your needle breaks on another project or why you would even need to change your needle in the first place.... oh yeah, and what the heck is tension?!
I really wanted to teach them more than just how to sew, but how to be comfortable with their machines and hopefully play match-maker for a new love of sewing! We talked about the basics... what's a pressure foot and how to change it, winding a bobbin, threading your machine, but we also talked about the fact that every time you put your needle to the fabric you're acting as a designer. You don't need an expensive pattern to design great things for your house, it just takes a little bit of understanding.
We started with some threadless practice on paper, then moved to the fabric. Two and a half hours later we emerged with two envelope pillows and a new excitement for sewing! What a blast!