Monday, March 28, 2011

World Of Toys (March/28/2011)


Representing the victims of depression and the homeless, Goccodo launches "Bocco"! From toilet-bowls to trash-cans, Goccodo creates a new character with fuzzy-do reminiscent of Oscar The Grouch, Gotta dig the trucker-cap tho LOL ~ Priced at 4500 yen per, the soft vinyl Bocco stands 18cm tall. I can't seem to find it listed on the Goccodo-webshop tho, so good luck hunting it down. "He has the responsibility of reproducing" really cracked me up tho!

Being one of the first ever WWR toy ever produced, Bertie the Pipebot / Pipebomb sadly never really had his due for long, IMO. Sure there were a amount of hoo-har rah-rah in the beginning of it's release, alongside the subsequent "Dirty Deeds" Version, but has since been regulated to the back burner, and hell, even his moniker "Pipebot / Pipebomb" has been brushed aside! ~ Why? Because he had a stick up his ass.

Spotted on Southern Drawl's Facebook is a trio of images, that see the WWRp Large Martin feets fitting the Bertie-form. Shown here is the "Desert Rat" edition, trying on his new robot-feets, and no doubt being happy. Now, not everyone has access to molding facilities and technics, but hell there's now a way to embrace your Bertie! S.D. may well make a "killing" on the toy-market selling molded robot feets!