Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Walter Ruffler on TV

"Bremer Stadtmusikanten", sand driven paper automaton, Walter Ruffler (c)

On the occasion of Walter Rufflers new exhibition "Papier in Bewegung" at Deutsches Zeitungsmuseum, Wadgassen, near Saarbr├╝cken(DE) you can see this 3.25 TV-Movie from german TV SR. You will have the rare occasion to see Walter Ruffler with his paper machines in motion, but this podcast is time-limited (maybe 3 weeks accessable). Now the path:

Go to "aktueller bericht: 8.3.2011", scrolling at the right side

Click in the window and you get a content list

Click the entry "Ausstellung: Pop up"

Voila, enjoy it (best view with fullscreen) !