Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Vintage mechanical trade cards

Mechanical Trade Card for Dreamland,Coney Island, ca.1900

Here you can discover a lot of different simple motions on old trade cards with his nostalgic design. The GIF pictures with his mostly two situations let us better understand the movements. See some mechanical cards from the collection of Ben Crane:

Greets to Kyle Olmon ! You can find there a very similar card to your Valentine Chalkboard Girl you published on Febr.10, see here:

And here a part of the collection of Rene Servat(FR), see this funny sample of the vacuum cleaner L'aspirateur LUX, which movement gives back the lucent colours of the wallpaper! :
http://servat.rene.free.fr/figurine.htm (Click the title)

And here a part from an italian blog "Il favoloso mondo di carta di Toto".