Monday, March 28, 2011

Upcoming Toys on TOYSREVIL (March/28/2011)


I have actually written an entire rant about the lack of information folks tend not to send out (in particular blogs like mine muahahaha), with the advent of Twitter and Facebook and the concept of D.I.Y.-promotion (one day it will be published after more editing out the nasty language). But on the other hand of the spectrum, with tweets and links on FB, I'd not have the opportunity to witness loads other toys, which frankly I realize will never end up in my inbox otherwise anyways. One such coolness is this tweet from The Tarantulas, leading to the above MUTANT BEAR sculpt from Kaneko, with character creation by Goccodo!

Shown here is the prototype, with the initial intent being made to benefit the victims of earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Check out loads of behind-the-scenes sculpts on Goccodo's blog.


From Alisa Ross comes FROLICKS ~ a series of new plush cuties, with these packaging snaps of the figures scheduled for a late April release (swiped here). Sweet!

Here's a sneak reveal of Prototype Glyan from Onell Design, with this new sculpt featuring a Standard Glyan wearing an Advanced Flexion Suit.

Creator Matt Doughty describes them as such: "Glyans populate the various planets of Glyos, acting in many different roles as they go about the business of keeping things rolling throughout the System. These guys (and soon girls) can be soldiers, police, explorers, farmers, mariners, astronauts and whatever else your creativity allows. These guys are your average Joes who can't warp through time and split the fabric of space, at least not without some serious hardware (maybe Glyaxia Command can help them out)…"

Motorbot is whipping up a series of mini-figures and is scheduled to be unleashed this week. Expect 25 pieces of these hand-casted and hand-painted creatures, and do not expect it to stay on DeadBear for too long tho. Stay tuned from drop-times at @motorbot.


Jesse Hernendaz lets loose a peek at a sketch for his "GAIKING" creation for RAJE Toys, and it is simply awesomeness in it's visage. And you know what? This looks like it is going to be legendary, mark my words! [Previously blogged].

For this year's SDCC, ThreeA Toys lists a WWRp Dropcloth - Slaugtherhouse colorway as an event exclusive, an addition to the previously featured IDW Exclusive. Previously available as a Retailers' Edition in 1/6 scale, this release see the figure in 1/12th-scale named "Action Portable" size (which includes properties from "Popbot" and WWRp / "World War Robot Portable"). Neither quantity nor price is revealed as yet.