Monday, March 28, 2011

Triclops x Hey Cavey x Lunabee Plush Sneaks All Around

Duo Cavey reveaked-sneaks on Hey Cavey> ~ first with a googly-eyed "Captain Caveman" collabo with Triclops (above, "club" not shown lol) and as well the lovely lines of Lunabee get a plush adaptation with a sole pink flower sweetly sneaked (below) courtesy of Cavey-creator A Little Stranger! Pretty much a swell collaborative-combo I;ve been seeing so far, IMHO.

Look out for the full-reveal on May 26th for Cavey's birthday party @ Fleet River Bay, where all the custom Caveys will be listed on auctions. Peep the Facebook event page here. And if you know what's coming for "Easter" before alla these, you'd flip! (I did!)