Monday, March 28, 2011

Treeson Fundraising Project (Help Japan Rebuild Their Home) by Bubi Au Yeung

The creator of Treeson, Bubi Au Yeung offers up the Treeson Fund Raising Project whereby she has donated posters, drawing, treeson mimobot usb flash drives and delivery fee (aka you do not need to play for shipping). Crazy Label has also donated toys to this initiative too.

A total of 24 Treeson gift sets are available, with each including a Treeson plush keychain, a Treeson and other stories series 2 blindbox (donated by Crazylabel) and a hand drawing by me (a postcard size), 4 Treeson Mimobot usb flash drives, 50 treeson posters, two special rare items donated by Crazylabel: a blank white baby treeson eating leaf and a blank white sitting Ren figure from S2 for sell.

You NEED to see this link to see the different sets listed for sale, as well as price. A whole lot of stuff is gone (especially the USB flashdrives) to don't dally! Remember, shipping is "free"!