Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tiny New Bits of Mega Man Universe Art (Updated)

While scrummaging through the likes of Japanese Rockman blogs, I stumbled upon a couple pieces of Mega Man Universe artwork that I haven't seen before. They're rather small (and a tad blurry), but it's something to chew on as we await future MMU news. (UPDATE: High quality scans added. Thanks, RockmanPR!)

The art in question: Mega Man in an action pose with buster drawn (left), and a full body shot of MMU's Roll (stockings? Ok.). A MUCH closer look at Roll, possibly the best yet, is available here.

The artwork is exclusive to a set of decals originally distributed at last year's Tokyo Game Show. To my knowledge, these two pieces haven't been released publicly. In fact, they're not even at Capcom's press room, which houses assets of all known MMU artwork ever released. There's no doubt it's official, but it would have been great to see these up close.

If anyone happens to have this item, please do scan it in. I, for one, would like to see these in higher-res.