Sunday, March 13, 2011

They Call Him Pepsi Man

For the last year or so, PepsiCo of France has been seeking to find a talented individual to star in an upcoming Pepsi commercial. The contest, currently airing on TV, garners all kinds of musical talent from across the country. One such fellow, going by the name of Pepsi Man, chose to woo the judges with his rendition of Okkusenman -- the ever popular, Mega Man 2 inspired meme that refuses die.

If Pepsi Man, aka Jerome, wins the contest, he'll be singing Okkusenman on French TV later this year, in a commercial of his very own.

Maybe not the most talented, but the guy's got a lot of heart... that and he's a Mega Man fan. C'mon, how neat would it be to see Okkusenman forever immortalized in the form of a Pepsi commercial?

If you'd like to support him, simply click on the vote icon on the direct feed version here.

Thanks for the tip, Emmanuel!