Monday, March 21, 2011

Rockman DASH 3 Demo Event Cancelled (Updated)

Capcom Japan brings us some unfortunate news tonight, though it really shouldn't come as a major surprise. In light of the recent disasters currently taking place in Japan (i.e Touhoku earthquake), Capcom has chosen to cancel the "3DS x Capcom Premium Demo Event" and subsequently the public Rockman DASH 3 playable demo.

The event was originally set to take place on March 29, but, at this time, there is no mention of a reschedule. Capcom staff apologizes for any discontent this may bring its fans, as they are well aware of how anticipated the demo was. Demos of Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition and Resident Evil Mercenaries were also scheduled to make an appearance.

The good news is this has no bearing upon recent news of DASH 3's green-light troubles. At best, the delay is giving the team more time to prep the demo, and it will benefiting from it in the end. Make no mistake, please: this news has no bearing upon DASH 3's development.

Capcom's been canceling a lot of events recently , and it was only a matter of time until 3DS x Capcom was affected. Perhaps as compensation, the dev team can give us a nice, legitimate look at the game in action come the 29th. Hey, it's the least we can hope for.

UPDATE: Capcom USA has confirmed the events cancellation as well.