Monday, March 28, 2011

Limited Edition Cuppa Carbonite by DMS x Dan Perry (The Rebel Scum)

Artist DMS (interviewed for Duster) and Dan Perry (he of The Heavy Metal Qee Project) have joined forces as the UK-based "The Rebel Scum" to produce the Cuppa Carbonite Mini Tea featured in Lunartik's Mini Tea Tour 2011. (Who can ever forget this scene with the most romantic thing any rouge would say to a Princess, before he got freezed in Carbonite, that is)

To celebrate being featured on the tour, the boys making a very limited run of this resin piece (original Mini-Cuppa-Tea figure standing 2" tall), limited to only 13 pieces made, with just 10 for sale online here - priced at £24.99 plus shipping (£1.99 UK, £2.99 the rest of the world). Shipped in custom printed boxes and signed by DMS, Dan Perry and Matt Lunartik JOnes.