Monday, March 28, 2011

Jura by Sam Griffiths


BACK STORY: Jura was originally shuttled down to the surface of Planet Domu in order to sift through the ruins of bombarded villages, taking prisoners. Due to the turbulent journey and rocky landings, it is not uncommon for units to experience damaged circuitry. Jura's programming has almost completely reversed. He now spends his days wandering the scorched villages of Planet Domu, doing his best to rebuild its structures and make friends with its inhabitants.


Created by UK-based illustrator Sam Griffiths, JURA is a 12 part fully articulated resin figure, standing around 5 inches tall. There will be 20 DIY versions and 5 hand painted, with a tentative April-period release (Prices are not finalized yet). Meanwhile, do check out Sam's website @, as well his Twitter @PlanetDomu for updated info on the figure's drop and release-locale. The articulation on this figure for sure provides it with an optimum about of playability, beyond it's sci-fi/art toy form, IMHO. Would be interesting to see the development of this figure beyond the DIY notion, I reckon!

ABOUT: Planet Domu came about through looking for a translation for the word ‘home’ to sit next to Planet. I knew I wanted to create toys under an alias that wasn’t too limited, so a whole planet seemed the perfect place to anchor everything to. Domu is actually an eastern European word, it could just have easily been Chinese, Indian, Spanish or any other language, I just liked the way Domu sounded and sat in a typographical sense.