Monday, March 21, 2011

Desmond's New DC SUPER FRIENDS BATMAN Hoodie-Jacket!

Anybody who's been reading the Bat-Blog for awhile knows that our very best friend in the whole wide world is a cool kid named Desmond! I mean, this little guy is crazy for the Caped Crusader! Here he is modeling his new BATMAN Hoodie-Jacket his Mom found at K-Mart. It is a Fisher-Price DC Super Friends Batman print with little bats all over. It's ONLY MADE in children sizes which makes his Dad very very jealous, ha ha! But I have to admit that I'm a little envious too...because that IS one cool Batman Jacket! But I'm happy for Desmond because I know he is a major Batman Fan. He loves to watch every Batman show there is, from the campy 1966 TV Series to the new "Brave and The Bold" Cartoon. That's AWESOME! Thanks to his parents for sending these wonderful pics. I loved seeing the little guy again & I know that some of my readers are parents too & will enjoy this news.