Thursday, March 10, 2011

Danny Elfman video reveal HKDL Mystic Manor scenes model

This week, Hong Kong Disneyland released an interesting video. The goal was to announce a great news: Danny Elfman - who did the music of most of Tim Burton's movies - will compose the music for Hong Kong Disneyland's Mystic Manor attraction. WDI Imagineers could hardly do a better choice and Elfman who is a Haunted Mansion fan accepted instantly with great pleasure.

On the video - that you'll be able to watch at the end of this article - Danny Elfman is filmed looking at Mystic Manor's miniature model but as always in the video editing the shots are going pretty fast - mainly because they want to show you more of the project and in the same time they don't want you to see too much of it! So, we're going to "stop the time" once again with interesting screen captures.

As you may remind the main character of Mystic Manor's ride is a monkey who will open the "Pandora box" and the first screen capture of the model is a close shot on his face.

The first scene model that we can see on the video is the one of the "music room". Just to remind you which one it is here is the rendering of it.

And here is a picture of the model. Click on it to enlarge the picture.

The next scene of which we can see the model is "The Armory", here is the rendering...

...and here is a picture of part of the model.

In that scene a canon will blast at Mystic Manor guests, with a "ring of smoke" effect. In the video we see the effect but this time i think it's not from the model but a test done by Imagineers in a WDI facility.

The last model scene that we can see on the video is in fact one of the first scenes of the ride, the "cataloguing room".

Below, the model of that room from different angles.

And now that we had a look to this interesting models it's time to listen to Danny Elfman himself talking about his future score. By the way, Danny reveals that Mystic Manor's ride will last four and a half minutes. Good to know!

Finally, i remind you that you can see ALL the renderings of Mystic Manor in my previous article HERE. Have a great week-end!