Monday, March 28, 2011

Custom Works on TOYSREVIL (March/28/2011)


Rohby makes a jack-hammer attachment to his Catepillar MADL and I'm a happy man. Well, not just because there's a TOYSREVIL-logo spotted on the chasis (well, it does but…), but primary we get to see just that little bit more of Rohby's work, which in my very humble opinion, needs to be seen more of.

Do note that this custom comes from Rohby's "Iron Slave" designs - which are heavy, slow moving, workhorse mechas designated to serve. Priced at US$375 per - only 5 were made (since my last feature in 2009).

From Jason Limon comes a commissioned hand-painted 7" Munny named: "Elapse". Elapse is gorgeous. That is all.

From DrilOne comes "U.S. G-38 Mecha Croc" aka his custom Kracka, to be on display at Kidrobot Maimi come MUNNYWORLD month. Bestest croc-custom I've laid eyes on thus far. (All and more snaps via Flickr).

More Foomi-custom goodness, this time from Leecifer, making the lil tyke a not-too-distant "relative" of his "Honoo The Flame" creation! Sweet hand-paint!

Duo-customs swiped from Squink's Flickr ~ with the above a swell Chuckboy-custom (I need to do me a Chuckboy custom feature, as well a Noop-custom feature post, which basically means it might not happen in this lifetime…), and directly below another swell 3" Dunny-custom (as most Squink's customs are) dubbed: "Woodland Awakenings" - on sale here now for £50 per.

Android as a Nissin Cup Noddle courtesy of HitMit from Yokohama, Japan. HitMit is a Android-toy fan, as plainly as his customs shown on his blog can attest, IMO.

Noodler is made from a D.I.Y. BLANK with seif-made stickers. He should have two chopsticks sticking out the back, like a ninja/samurai-warrior would tho ~ that would be fun! LOL

The thing about Mighty Muggs customs, is that most times they seem to feature yet another character from another property (I have some super-swell examples I'd love to show you folks too, once I find them again…), and sometimes that's a little too reminiscent of what the manufactures are producing (but with much nicer design values from the customizers, of course). Then Daniel Cross emails me this link to his trio on sale in Etsy, featuring a creation of his own.

Evil Cupcake from Scribe. Bite me if you dare!

Custom-Dunny heads from The Beast Brothers. They are mentioned as from their "personal collection", so there goes that chance of owning them, innit? Heh.