Monday, March 28, 2011

Custom Previews by Bob Conge of Plaseebo for Contemporary Figure Modification Show @ Toy Art Gallery (April 2)

We've previously clued you folks in on the upcoming April 2nd launch of the "Contemporary Figure Modification Show" in Toy Art Gallery, which featured the custom-work of Bob Conge of Plaseebo on the flyers, Now we get to see a sneak-selection of a few of the customs for the show! Posted here are the 6" x 11" high "Sta-puf Marshmallow Night Gamer" (above-left) next to an "Electro Daigomi" lit via LED unit on in darkened room (above-right). Bottom-left we see an adorable "Gordoctopus", and finally we get to see the "Electro Daigomi" up close (and if you photoshop and brighten the Daigomi, it is an awesome-cool sculpt of a beast, IMHO).