Monday, March 28, 2011

Custom-Feature+Q&A: The Day After - Dem Bonez custom with Mike NEMO Mendez


Eye-bogglingly cool, with the homagetory cinematic-influence delighting me to an inch of fandom implosion, be Mike NEMO Mendez's custom-Dem Bonez figure, as seen from the previous Friday's launch. Named "THE DAY AFTER", I had to go and bug Mike about this piece, with which I present to you folks a quickie Q&A about this work and a little bit about 70's theaters!


TOYSREVIL: Swell influences vibing an Alien with a mask! This'll make an awesome life-sized statue, IMHO! What are your influences for this piece? What's it's name?

NEMO: My Dem Bonez piece I call it; "The day after" lol its another concept creation with all the elements i grew up with loving, one is the HR GIGER influence! I remember my mother taking me to see that movie when it first came out! We lived in the BRONX ,the movie theatres were old show houses with balconys and the whole place smelled of smoke and POT smoke! LOL my mom had to move me around the theatre seats to try and prevent me from getting' too stoned from all smoke!


TOYSREVIL: LOL Man, my 70s influences were Disney cartoons, and russian circus troops (long story), but later Star Wars got me back on track LOL - am loving it that you switch from Sci-Fi to tike to intense sculpts in a snap tho!

NEMO: LOL good ol 70s, anyhow I'm sure you can tell by now I'm a huge Horror sci-fi comic book, well every kind of movie is a huge inspiration as well as influence in my work, so naturally when I'm creating I have hints of all these elements,but most def NOT all I love to do, (as) I have to change things up all the time, I can go from tikis to robots to zombies to mickey mouse! LOL Doesn't matter I LOVE to do it ALL and MUST stay that wayy to always be at my Most creative.

Lots to tell, maybe one day we can get a phone chat going cuz I'm sure you see I'm NOT the biggest fan of TYPING INFO! LOL


TOYSREVIL: Nah bro, you got it going on fine right where I'm at (apologies for the trouble tho :p) ~ "The Day After" = gives us a breakdown of the custom-make, and also, is that a video playback at the figure's base? Awesome work, as usual!

NEMO: As far as the piece goes, there's sculpting, lots of fabricating, I use whatever I can find that fits closest to the image in my head! … straws, screws, wire, clay, bashed up model tank parts, even used rubber fishing worms for the locks on this one! So I have boxes upon boxes of things I've found, broken, collected - lol.

The base screen is a keychain you can buy at radioshack for 8 bucks! LOL I ssw it and immediately bought 3 or 4 cuz i knew they'd come in handy! You can put up to 60 pictures on it, (and) I used it as a slide show of pics I took of the piece! GREAT to use as a PRomotional piece!

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