Monday, March 28, 2011

The Coming of Candy Eggcore Production Toy from Filter017 x 909Toy

With the recent exhibition of Eggcore-customs under their belt, there comes news (or rather multiple teasers) of an Artist Eggcore-figure, featuring the designs of Taiwan-based design-duo Filter017! We've featured a variation of their custom previously, and now seems folks can get to lay their hands on a production figure! More details on this 909Toy figure if and when I can get them!

The folks from Filter017 blogged: "In 2011, Filter017 was be invited by 909Toy-a design group in China for design the "EGGCORN". We use the theme in Retro sweet food package and mix in conflict but clever. Span the mechanical looking in original EGGCORN's impression.It's mix all retro element in Filter017 used. And the work was got many discussion of Shanghai EGGCORN modified art show in SAUCE. After the EGGCORN modified Art show in Shanghai. Filter017 was honor for got the crossover invited by 909Toy, Started thinking of production possible and publish the limit version."

FILTER017 continues: "But we are very thank for the trust of 909Toy in this crossover and love the painting by Filter017. Finaly,It's Started making and not think about cost to do every original details in "SWEET EGGCORN". They do any painting in the production version. And the official news is the modle used 70 piece print steel, total of 70 machine made in a line,It's very powerful stage!"