Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cars 2 Update: New High-res Pictures, Great Retro Posters, and Fantastic Trailer 3 !

New high-res pictures of Cars 2 were released yesterday as well as two different trailers 3 of the animated movie and great retro posters. Let's begin with the high-res pictures and above, one from the Paris sequence. Below, Mc Missile in action and Lightning McQueen and Mater.

The new trailers - the U.K and U.S versions - looks fantastic as they center on the spy theme. As you will see some of the scenes looks as great as they can be in a real espionnage movie. The two are different and first below is the U.K version. Full screen mode highly recommanded!

And, below, the U.S version.

Pixar also released four different retro posters, one for London, Paris, Tokyo and Porto Corsa, and as usual they look great, too!

See you soon for a new Cars 2 update!

Pictures and videos: copyright Disney-Pixar