Thursday, March 3, 2011

Canada Forward

Some of my WWII Canadian forces in 28mm. The infantry are Warlord Games and the tank is a Corgi 1:50 scale die cast model.

The scene depicts a late war Canadian section advancing to contact behind a Churchill infantry support tank.

No 1: The Section Leader, an NCO.
No 2: The Second In Command
No 3: Four Riflemen
No. 4: First Bren Gun LMG Team, with rifleman.
No 5: Second Bren Gun LMG Team, with rifleman.

British and Commonwealth sections would normally split into two in an attack, the leader and riflemen, and the second in command with Bren gun teams. They would work their way to the objective, firing and moving alternatively until the rifle subsection could close assault and the Bren gunners would move to a position to cut down any enemy fleeing survivors.

The aim of a British and Commonwealth assault was not just to take an objective but to kill as many of the defenders as possible.