Thursday, March 31, 2011

April Fools: Coro Coro Teases New Rockman With Boss Design Contest

Capcom and Coro Coro Comics look to be once again collaborating on the unveiling of a brand new Rockman game. For years now, Capcom has invited fans to participate in the development of new games by hosting boss design contests. And as revealed in the latest issue of Coro Coro Comics, it appears that tradition will continue...

Coro Coro is indeed playing host to an all new boss design contest. Curiously, the event isn't being targeted at a specific series or incarnation of Rockman. In other words, the contest is for a new Rockman game, but for which series (if any) remains a mystery.

The event is being promoted by an example boss design, a foe that sports a familiar animal motif reminiscent of X series antagonist "Mavericks." However, the magazine goes on to compare his abilities to that of several Battle Network Net Navis, leaving us to infer the above belongs to a forthcoming Battle Network-ish game.

Given that Coro Coro exclusively reveals Battle Network/Star Force-styled titles, it's possible that this fellow belongs to something similar, perhaps even a sequel to MMBN, SF, or an entirely new series altogether. Shot in the dark, but maybe a Rockman X-inspired Battle Network? Speculation can only last for so long, it seems. Come early June, the identify of this new game will be revealed in the next Coro Coro.

Could this be the rumored 25th anniversary project? A new series, even? After all, Star Force was hailed as the commemorative series for the franchise's 20th anniversary. A third addition to the popular "network" time line seems appropriate, at this point.

Nevertheless, this is exciting news. Looking forward to future updates!

Source: 2chan

**APRIL FOOLS UPDATE**: Wow, that went way better than expected. I'm afraid this contest isn't real in the slightest. April fools, indeed.

As some of you pointed out, this image is actually from the EXE3 boss contest from Spring 2002. It's an image that isn't all too known outside of Japan, so I kind of used that to my advantage.Worked out quite nicely, I think.

In truth, this was a last minute thing that I whipped up late last night. I was originally planning to do something Mega Man Universe related, but that completely back fired. Ah well, there's always next year for something "bigger."