Sunday, March 20, 2011

Amera Moulds - Quick Paint Job

I am fairly happy with how these have turned out. Terrain is always a balance between time (effort), weight, durability, and appearance.

I wanted these to be light and durable for storage and travel - and I did not want to expend too much time.

So the method was as follows.
1. Cut out.
2. Spray mid red-brown with Army Painter Spray.
3. Quick bursts of a darker brown spray at different angles on the flat surfaces.
4. Allow v. dilute dark brown wash to run down the gulleys.
5. White glue a litttle rubble into the cracks (various sizes) and flat areas to break up the smooth outline.
6. Paint rubble dark brown.
7. Dry brush model with yellow-brown ochre.
8. Spray on Vallejo matt varnish.
9. Job's a good'un.