Thursday, March 10, 2011

Aero's English Voice Debut

For now, worry not about the fate of Legends 3. Instead, why not have a listen to some clips of Aero's English voice?

Tonight's Devroom update once again focuses on the voice recording session of series newcomer Aero -- this time, however, composer Reo Uratani discusses the process of sound mixing and editing dialogue. Headlining the post, brief samples of both Aero's English and Japanese voices, each fine-tuned to fit a number of different effects (echoes, radio-wave, etc.).

At the moment, I can't embed the samples in the post so you'll have to check 'em out at the Devroom here. Again, they're very brief, but long enough for us to draw comparisons between the two actresses' performances. Aero's English voice is... a little different than I expected. Don't get me wrong, it sounds great thus, but perhaps a little deeper than I imagined.

Capcom is still hush-hush on who exactly is providing the voice of English Aero, but I'm sure one keen-eared fan will probably narrow it down to a few individuals.

Full story at Capcom Unity!