Friday, October 1, 2010

Will Legends 3 Utilize MT Framework?

Mega Man Legends is often cited as the source of inspiration for Capcom's MT Framework game engine, built for not only the then upcoming Dead Rising and Lost Planet, but also a hypothetical Mega Man Legends 3 (this was back in '07, remember). However, with the third entry of the series now a reality and landing on the portable Nintendo 3DS, will the game still run on MT Framework? The very engine designed with MML in mind?

According to reports from a couple weeks back, Capcom is indeed adapting the MT Framework technology for the Nintendo 3DS. Resident Evil Revelations and Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition will be making full use of the engine, dubbed "MT Frmework Mobile."  MTF Mobile is said to be based around the more recent MT framework 2.0 engine, while the graphics will be specially tuned for the 3DS. The mobile version's capabilities were recently demonstrated in a series of RE Revelations screenshots, showing off the engine's numerous graphical capabilities such as depth of field and dynamic HDR lighting. It's all quite impressive tech, to say the least.

In short, Mega Man Legends 3 could very much be making use of MT Framework, at long last, despite the game being developed on a portable console. MT Framework or not, I'm very curious to see what MML3 actually looks like. Hopefully, next week's Comic Con will deliver!

Source: Andriasang