Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Vintage Photos of BOB KANE, Co-Creator of Batman

If you're a real Bat-Fan then you know about the debt we all owe Bob Kane. I mean, he "created" Batman, our favorite superhero! So, here's a few vintage photos of him. The 1st one is sort of a fake promo showing him "painting" a Pop Art Masterpiece with a model dressed-up in a Catwoman Costume...MEOW! The next one is more candid ( real ). This is an original photo taken by a fan at a 1970's Comic Book Convention. I think the year was 1973 & you gotta love that groovy purple silk shirt, ha! Of course he's holding up an issue of Batman #1. I thought I would post these because they're images you don't usually see of him. If you know of any other ones that are rare then please let us know.