Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Spay on Mud - A Review

I have bought a bottle of spray on mud used by railway modellers. See below.

I am very impressed. It is a fine spray of die, which is water-wipable, at least for a while. The flow is easy to control so can be directed onto set areas, like tracks. It dries in about sixty seconds. This is a really fast way of putting mud on the tracks. I have used it for my 1/72 Eastern Front models: see pics.

The tray at the bottom shows what a heavy application looks like - really dirty, oily mess. Luvverly.

The picture at the top is a PzII. Germany were still using a few as a battle tank for Barbarossa, although it was rapidly phased out in favourof the PzIII. Opposite is a Russian T34/76, which was in production at about the same time. Every modern tank can trace its pedigree back to the T34, simply the finest tank of its era. Shame Stalin had all the designers, engineers, and instructors shot as dangerous radical thinkers.