Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Some Very Cool BATMAN and JOKER Jack O'Lantern Halloween Pumpkins

Yes! In response to a post we did yesterday here at the Bat-Blog we received 2 awesome photos of a few Batman Fans getting very creative this holiday season! Here are 2 Halloween Pumpkins with a Batman-Theme! The 1st one is a BATMAN Jack O'Lantern Pumpkin inspired by "THE LONG HALLOWEEN" Graphic Novel. yeah, you remember this image of the "Batman Pumpkin", it's very iconic & our friend Jimmie did an amazing job on it. Now the next pumpkin isn't carved, it's painted, but it's extremely cool as well. This was created by our friend Josh. He's a very talented Graphic Artist & he painted the face of the Joker... it looks great! Thanks to both guys for sharing their creativity & love of the Batman character. If any other Bat-Blog Readers out there have something to share, then please do!