Monday, October 4, 2010

Review: Egon Spengler with PKE Meter - Ghostbusters Action Figure

Hey there folks!!! Frank here with another quick toy review brought to you by our friends at Past Generation Toys. Today’s review is the MattyCollector exclusive 6” Egon Spengler (vs. 2) with PKE and book stacking. Now, before I started writing the review I posted a question on MATTY’s face book page asking
“Ok, need your opinion...what would you keep and why? SDCC EGON or NEW EGON????

One response was:

“New Egon, mostly cuz of the PKE meter...and he never got really slimed in the movies...”

Another response was:

“I prefer the new one too…not being slimed and having the PKE meter. Although if they are going to put the stack of books in, they should at least have made it as tall as Egon. I do prefer the Slimer that came with the first Egon to the one that came with Peter though, so if that Slimer had come with Peter instead, I think I'd just sell the first Egon and pretend he was never made.”
Originally I was not going to buy the new Egon based on a couple of things:

• I already own the first one from SDCC; and

• I like the SLIMER that came with him (used him to re-enact the scene with Peter before he got slimed); and

• The new Egon’s STACK O BOOKS, should have been taller like in the movie...bit of a waste in my opinion.sshould have been another ghost; and

• Most of all…I am on a budget (saving $ for NYCC in October) LOL!!

But after seeing the images and reading the comments from my post I was leaning more and more towards the new Egon…Mainly because of the PKE Meter and that Egon was never really slimed in the movie…it’s all about the consistency of it! So all in all…I spent the cash, dealt with the WHITE SCREEN OF DEATH (Matty shoppers know my pain!) and bought the figure, LOL!! And I have to say I am glad I did!!!
The figure seems to me to be “cleaner” paint application and is done a lot nicer (minus the slime); especially on the glasses (my SDCC version had black on the clear lenses…sloppy job in my opinion). Not having the slime on him really makes him look sharp. As for the PKE meter...NICELY DONE…and a MUST have for the figures, same way Winston came with the trap. You just can’t break the team up, including the accessories!!

As for Slimer, the reason I was a little bummed is due to that I am actually selling the SDCC version on EBAY. Like I said, on a budget so it was one or the other. I found out some good news, they are using that same SLIMER on the TRU Exclusive Ghostbusters 2 four pack so I felt a lot better since I will be getting that one when it comes out.

Now, if you were lucky enough to get the new Egon (vs2, Egon1.5 or however you want to call him) congrats because this guy is sold out! However, you have a 2nd chance here since Past Generation Toys has a few of the Egon Spengler with PKE Meter - Ghostbusters Action Figure left! 

Till next time my true collectors, young and old!!!! Frank out!