Monday, October 11, 2010

MM9 And MM10 Still Have Undiscovered Secrets

Shortly after the release of Mega Man 9, as die hard fans began to discover a batch of secrets and easter-eggs, Capcom's Seth Killian began to tease fans with a hidden nugget in the game -- a secret that remains undiscovered till this day.

Knowledge of the secret has apparently been passed down from Mr. Killian to community manager Joveth Gonzales and, like his predecessor before him, continues the tradition of keeping it in under wraps, even from the press:

"While demoing the upcoming downloadable title "Mega Man Universe" Joveth confirmed that he knows what the "Mega Man 9" secret that has spawned numerous threads all over the internet (including an 88 page discussion via the Ask Capcom forum) is, and that it is, in fact, still at large. He also coyly added "there's a reason that people haven't found it yet." Apparently, Seth bestowing the knowledge upon him was part of his initiation as Community Manager, where he joined the ranks of, by his best guess, two other people who probably know what is still hidden. "

What's more, Joveth also let loose that Mega Man 10 has an ominous secret of its own that, like Mega Man 9, has yet to be discovered:

"When I asked if anything was hidden in "Mega Man 10" a look of concern overtook Joveth's face, and he attempted to brush off the question. However, it very quickly became apparent that whatever is still hidden in "Mega Man 9" has a counterpart in "Mega Man 10." In fact, as I pressed the issue, Joveth actually confirmed that there is something hidden in "MM10" and that the two secrets are, in fact, related to one another."

And thus the hunt continues, possibly with a reignited sense of duty. Keep at it, friends. And go bother Joveth.

Source: MTV Multiplayer