Friday, October 22, 2010

Megamix 3 Dated; Udon Teasing New Projects

As per usual, our pal at Udon Entertainment, Matt Moylan, sends word that the anticipated Mega Man Megamix 3, the third and final volume in Hitoshi Ariga's Megamix series, will be hitting comic stands on November 17. Other  retailers, such as Borders and Amazon, will stock the book within two weeks after that; but otherwise, volume 3 is good to go on the 17th. In the meantime, you can check out a couple sample pages at the official Udon blog here!

Additionally, Matt also wants me to pass along the following message: "UDON will soon be announcing a bunch of new Mega Man projects. We’ve got new books being localized from Japan, new UDON original projects, and yes you will finally get to see the UDON crew drawing our take on the blue bomber."

Matt didn't divulge into specifics, but these projects are kicking off in 2011. That final tidbit certainly sounds like a hint that Udon will be produce their own, original MM comic, which is something I think would be greatly appreciated.

I would not be surprised if Gigamix turned out to be one of the new localizations; I wonder what else they might be bringing over. More art/source books? The much demanded Iwamoto X manga? Who knows!

More details in the near future, hopefully. Thanks for the heads up, Matt!