Thursday, October 21, 2010

Megafy Your Walls With Mega Man Decals

Want your home office or bedroom to have a Mega Man inspired backdrop? Blik, makers of high quality wall decals, have partnered with Capcom to bring retro adhesive fun with a slew of officially licensed Mega Man decorative stickers.

The decal set, now on sale directly through Blik, consists of twenty five pieces which include 8-bit renditions of Mega Man, the MM1 Robot Masters, a variety of "effects" (explosions, projectiles) and even a full blown health bar. 

At $50, the set certainly isn't on the cheap side, but there is a little compensation: the first ten customers will recieve a Mega Man 10 Xbox 360 download code for free, courtesy of Capcom and Blik. Not too bad of a deal and, best of all, the decals literally went on sale an hour ago so there's a good chance the codes are still up for grabs.

Purchase your set here!