Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mega Man Universe Details From NYCC

Yeah, we've had our fair share of Mega Man Legends 3 news from NYCC, but I think it's time we paid some attention to Mega Man Universe...you know, the other game at the show.

Anyway, some interesting new tidbits about the upcoming title have surfaced via 30Ninjas. The batch of details were covered in the site's impression of the playable demo, summarized below:

  • Mega Man X and Zero are possible playable characters. All characters in the game consist of four body parts, so it would be very easy to implement the two.
  • Despite the potential for X and Zero, there are no plans to support other Mega Man series gameplay aspects such as wall kicking, dashing or hovering. 
  • Rush type items may be in the game; the exception to the no hovering rule.
  • Ryu and Arthur (Ghost n' Ghouls) are reconfirmed as being playable, each with their own unique weaponry (Arthur’s lance, Ryu’s hadouken).   
    • You can make your own bosses using a variety of body parts.
    • Capcom will be establishing some sort of algorithm in order to ensure customized stages are both playable and beatable. 
    • Overheard by the author of the post, MMU may support the ability to put custom graphics into the game. The demo featured banners with the Comic-Con logo embedded into stage backgrounds.
    • Players will be able to vote on their favorite user created stages and bosses via a community interface. The best ones will be featured.
    • Capcom is striving to create a "Mega Man game that never gets old." This will be made possible by the imaginations of its players.
     For all the details, read up on 30Ninjas MMU impressions.

    Thanks for the tip, Alastor.