Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mega Man Legends 3 Team Want Your Feedback

To tide things over until the results of the heroine contest are revealed (October 29), the Mega Man Legends 3 team are looking to fans and non-fans alike to answer a couple of questions in regards to the series as a whole. Details below:

 "In mid-November we will open up the "Dev Room" that we announced at the New York Comic Con. This will allow you, the co-developers interact with the team and each other uploading images, exchanging ideas on the message boards (topical / general discussion), etc.
We want to share information with you, and you to share information with us, because we believe that by communicating closely with you is how we'll best be able to make the Legends 3 that you want! 

...So in the spirit of the project, today there are a few things I'd like to ask you.

1) Mega Man Legends fans
2) Visitors who have never played a Mega Man Legends game

If you belong to one of these groups, we like to hear what you have to say. Please go to this thread to discuss these questions....

1) Legends fans, what is it that you liked most about Legends? And how would you like to participate in the development of Legends 3 going forward?
You may have already submitted similar comments earlier, but please let us hear them again for the record.

2) Those of you who have never played Mega Man Legends, what exactly was it that brought you here? And what expectations do you have of the Legends 3 project?
Please let us hear from you even if what you say isn't exactly an answer to these questions.

Please leave your comments in this forum thread. When leaving a comment, please indicate which group you belong to (1) or (2).

Capcom notes group two is fairly underrepresented, so if you definitely fit in the category, please speak your mind.

Fan interaction is key to the development of Mega Man Legends 3. Despite the "dev room" not officially opening up until mid-November, your input is still very important.

Drop your comments in this thread!