Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Here's The Rocket That Will Rescue Volnutt

Thought this was rather cute:

"We need the help of everyone to make the rocket to go save Mega Man!", uttered Keiji Inafune to a crowd of passionate Legends fans at Comic Con on Sunday, while blueprints for the ship were displayed before the audience.

His words are not only synonymous with Legends 2's cliffhanger ending -- wherein Mega Man Volnutt is left stranded on the surface of Elysium  -- but also resonate as a profound message to the fanbase; a call to duty to make Legends 3 the very best it can be, with the rocket standing as a symbol of unity -- the eventual culmination of ideas pooled together from fans around the world to form L3.

Help is on the way, blue boy!

[via Rockman Unity]