Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Guns of Autumn

More German WWII guns. Models by HaT. The big jobby on the left is a German Pak36, a rebuilt Russian 76.2 anti-tank gun from the hundreds captured in 1941. It used upgraded high velocity ammunition and was a serious tank killer. The model shows how large and unwieldy AT guns became in WWII. Infantry did not re-acquire a man portable long range tank killer until the advent of the guided missile.

The pic illustrates something else. As the winter progresses our day length shortens up here on the roof of the world and our light is 'pastel', filtered by its long glancing pass through the atmosphere, the last stage of which is in the air pollution of the Thames Valley.

PS I sprayed these with Valejo acrylic spray to keep the static grass on. It is so much better that Citadel satin.