Thursday, October 7, 2010


There has never been a better time to pick up Darth Vader's line up for Bounty Hunter scum. I think the whole line is on the shelves right now in various packaging series. Bossk here was in the Saga Legends pack, and is absolutely fantastic. The lizard guy in a space suit was my favorite from the 1.5 seconds of air time in The Empire Strikes Back. At least he got the line; "Ssssskkgh."

This figure is top notch all around, with great sculpting, paint and articulation. I need to find him a space ship fast. I believe he's a reissue, probably for the fifth time, as many of these figures won't die off (has C3P-0 been on that wood Ewok chair now for ten years?). With this line though, a game is born. A spiffy dice is included, with a point card. The dice look cooler then the game.

While Bossk sat at my desk today at work, I pondered if he was the same species as the Cantina lizard guy, but it looks like they are not. Maybe close cousins? They both have really similar heads, but their hands have different amount of fingers ...or claws. They do make a nice duo. Now I need to find a ship that fits them both.