Monday, October 4, 2010

BATMAN TIN TOYS - Toy Collection from Thailand!

WARNING: Here's a couple of pictures of part of an amazing Batman Tin Toy Collection that will make you drool for hours. I'm warning you now that if you stare too long at these pics then you will start to cry...this stuff is that cool & that rare, ha! These photos are from our friend "BAT-CAT" who lives in Thailand. There are many examples of some super-rare Japanese Tin Toy Robots. I love that the Dark Knight has been so popular in Japan! Well, the pair of Batman & Robin Bubble Bath SOAKY Containers ( far left ) are from the USA, ©1966. So is the "Jack Nicholson Joker" & "Michael Keaton Batman" Tin Toy Robots on the lower right-hand side. I remember when those came out around the time of the 1989 movie. Also, the 2 vinyl figures on the very far right, where Batman & Robin look sort of like cute little children, those are from the 1970's & were sold in the USA. Everything else is pretty much from the 1960's & "Made In Japan". WOW! What a great selection of very hard to find bat-collectibles!! ( Thanks Bat-Cat ).