Saturday, October 2, 2010

BATMAN TATTOO ART - Amazing Tribute To 1966 Batman TV Show

Wow! Check out this amazing "1966 Batman TV Show Tribute" Tattoo!! This was submitted by our friend Sarah who lives in Austria. This tattoo took over a year to create with 8 different trips to the Tattoo Shop. Now, that's dedication right there, ha! But it was worth it because it's a beautiful piece of ART. The details are insane! It features Batman ( Adam West ), Robin The Boy Wonder ( Burt Ward ), The Joker ( Cesar Romero ), the 1966 BATMAN TV Show Logo, & even the famous Red Bat-Phone! I think the artist did a great job on the rendering of the character's faces because they look EXACTLY like the original actors! Plus, the coloring & over-all composition is very excellent ( Be sure to click on the above photo for a larger, more detailed, pic ). I wanna thank Sarah for sharing her personal story & photo...great stuff! I also want to invite any old or new Bat-Blog Fans who get some ink done to send us some pictures, Thanks.

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