Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Achtung Panzer

A depleted Panzer Regiment as it might have appeared after the terrible battles on the eastern Front in 1942. It has three battalions but all are understrength (one model = a platoon).

These are Pz III Gs. The PzIII started production in 1939 and was one of the best main battle tanks of its time. It had a 37mm anti-tank gun but was deliberately designed with a large ring turret allowing an upgrade to a 57mm L42 gun Shown above.. The G version had this weapon for Barbarossa, the Pz III being the standard German main battle tank in 1941. The experience of meeting T34s and KVs resulted in another upgrade to a 57mmL60 in 1942, the PzIII J.

The PzIII was obsolete by the Battle for Kursk but both 57mm variants served in large numbers in the Panzer and SS Divisions.

These are cheap easybuild HaT Armourfast kits (£4 a tank) designed for wargamers.