Tuesday, October 12, 2010

#105: Star Wars Vintage Collection General Grievous

Many times, Hasbro will make a figure of a character, then later release a better version, and then again later another better version, with each new version somehow not quite the definitive version of a character. Grievous is a perfect example of this. There was a version of him with a cape, but two arms, then one with four arms but no cape, and a different version with a cape but two arms. And a few others between now and then. Finally, Hasbro has released what is almost the definitive Grievous figure. Before I opened it, I thought it would be, but it's not quite there. So here's what this Grievous has: four arms which can also be connected so it appears he has two arms, the proper height, plentiful articulation, and a cape. Except for the cape, this is exactly the same Grievous as the previously released version. The cape is where this figure really shines. For the first time, the cape is soft goods and accurately represents the one he wears onscreen. It even has tiny pockets stitched to the inside, allowing extra storage for lightsabers stolen from vanquished Jedi.

So what's the problem with this figure? The plastic they used on the limbs for this version is much softer than the previous one, and the articulation is also looser. Naturally, this means trouble standing up (which tends to be a problem for Grievous figures). I am not sure if this is a problem specific to my figure, or if every one is like that, but it's enough to keep it from perfection. As it is, it seems that the cape is removable, so I am going to transfer it over to my other Grievous that uses the same mold. As long as that works, I'll have the definitive Grievous, and I won't need another.