Thursday, September 30, 2010

#103: Star Wars Spirit of Obi-Wan

One of the first mail-away figures during Kenner's revival of the Star Wars line was this spirit version of Obi-Wan. Unlike the fancy carded mail-away figures of today, Obi-Wan arrived in a little plain white box. These days when Hasbro does a figure in clear blue plastic, it's billed as a holographic figure, while Jedi spirits have a bit more color to them. This version is mainly a clear blue brick, with the arms and head stuck in position. People ordered tons of these things at the time, hoping they would appreciate in value, but these days they are super cheap (you can get one for about a buck on Ebay), as are many of the figures from that time. I received this one as a party favor, which is actually a pretty cool idea. Go load up on cheap mid-90s Star Wars figures and give them out as party favors at your next gathering. The spirit of Obi-Wan in particular makes a nice desk decoration.