Wednesday, September 29, 2010

#102: Star Wars Electronic Boba Fett Helmet

I guess I'm ready for Halloween now. I'm kind of surprised it took this long after the Vader and clone trooper electronic helmets Hasbro has put out. But with this being the 30th anniversary of Empire Strikes Back, I suppose the timing was right for a Boba Fett electronic helmet. Personally, I could have down without the electronics (and a presumably lower price) since they are kind of lame. When you push one of the buttons, it says a line of dialogue. These aren't lines from the movies, or from anywhere else that I know of. And it's the Jango voice, not the original movie version. Of course. But whatever, I can ignore all that, because it's a Boba Fett helmet! What I can't ignore is that it is ridiculously oversized. It looks huge on me, so I can only imagine how comically huge it looks an a kid. Also the slot for the eyes is way too tall in comparison to the actual real thing, but that is beneficial for being able to see, so it is excusable.